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July 24, 2024

Special County Board Meeting – The Isaf Two Step!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On March 31, 2013


Below is the video from the March 27, 2013 Special County Board Meeting regarding the conflict of interest as it relates to Chris Patrick and his documented Conflict of Interest from IDOT.

Take special note that Mr. Isaf points only to future issues as it relates to a conflict of interest and has to date refused to acknowledge that Mr. Patrick has already been paid for materials he supplied to the county in direct violation of the statutes!

He even goes to the length to imply it would be OK for Zimmerly to sell Ready Mix provided there was no influence.

Mr. Isaf states, he (Chris Patrick) doesn’t vote unless there is a tie?  Mr. Isaf, read the law!  It says nothing about voting as the key to the conflict.  It clearly states if he may be called to vote.  May he be called to vote!  YES!  That is the statute!

Mr. Isaf, I challenge you to find the word INFLUENCE in the statute as a requirement to uphold a Conflict of Interest?  The exercising of influence has NOTHING to do with it Mr. Isaf!  That IS NOT a factor according to case law directly from the Appellate Courts you claimed as guidance to interpreting the statutes!

Please call your County Board representatives and the States Attorney and tell them to put a stop to this insanity!

County Board Members:
Ben Jenness – 217-269-2670
Mike Heltsley – 812-208-4781
Dan Bruner – if you have this number let us know
Chris Patrick – 217-822-7622
Jeff Voigt – 217-269-2793
Alan Zuber – 217-463-3027
Karl Farnham – 217-465-5065

States Attorney:
Mark Isaf – 217-466-7456






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