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July 20, 2024

Motor Fuel Tax – The Truth!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On March 28, 2013


During the past county board meeting Don Wiseman reported that Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) allotments have been deposited.  Implications are now being made that because the MFT money was transferred that everything is good to go from IDOT as it relates to the Conflict of Interest issue.

During yesterdays County Board meeting Mr. Isaf alluded to that same issue leading people to believe that since the money is being deposited then there are no issues with IDOT as it relates to the use of MFT.

That is the furthest thing from the truth and some would argue this approach is an orchestrated effort to discredit those of us reporting on the fact projects are in fact at risk.  The implications made yesterday from both Mr. Patrick and Mark Isaf is that only two projects have been held up and as it relates to MFT money, since the money is deposited into the county all is good.


After becoming a township supervisor having to deal with the expenditures of our road commissioner I spent extensive time trying to learn how all that worked.  I have several emails from the County Highway Engineer, Aaron Lawson from 2011 if I recall correctly that outlined how that MFT money is handled and was provided the county township MFT spreadsheets.

If you’re not familiar with the process, MFT expenditures require an approved agreement for those expenditures that require County Board resolutions and County Board Chairman Signature on those resolutions that authorizes the use. You see one of the DUTIES of a County Board Chairman is to sign ALL resolutions and ALL contracts on behalf of the county!  Those agreements are then sent to IDOT for their approval of the project being contemplated with MFT Funds.

The receipt of the money into the county account means nothing as it relates to the Conflict of Interest Chris Patrick has because that money belongs to not just the county, but every township as it’s the Highway Department that controls and manages all township MFT money.

That money can not be used without resolutions that require signatures, of which Chris Patrick must sign as the County Board Chairman.  The mere fact that its deposited does not mean there are no issues with MFT funds as it relates to the Conflict of Interest!

Dont take my word on any of this!  Contact IDOT and ask them if this is not the process, or contact the County Highway Engineer and get the truth as its clear Mr. Patrick and Mr. Isaf are misinformed!






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