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April 22, 2024


By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On January 28, 2013

It will never cease to amaze me how one person can be so blind to the law, and the application of the law, all while putting more stock in his own financial interests over those of the public.

It is now confirmed, Chris Patrick is no longer in an “apparent” Conflict of Interest, he IS in a Conflict of Interest.

IDOT was present at this mornings meeting and their letter sums up things quite well!

They have changed the language and have stated fact now!

“The District has determined that these agreements are unacceptable due to a Conflict of Interest by the Edgar County Board Chairman” – That would be Chris Patrick!

Since Chris Patrick felt worthy of attacking Rusty Bogue’s character, it’s high time to point out some things so that the public is properly informed of the facts!

  • Chris Patrick submitted a recusal letter dated January 8, 2013 indicating that he would recuse himself from any award or execution of contracts that are or will be financed with State or Federal Funds.
  • His signature providing for the execution of the above mentioned agreements (see letter at above link)  IS IN VIOLATION of his recusal declaration.

A man of Character would not provide a document assuring the Illinois Department of Transportation that he would not do certain things and then turn around the day after executing that agreement and then violate it.  That raises questions to his Character, or lack of in my opinion.

Even more amazing is the fact this brilliant businessman, with so much business acumen and great reading comprehension skills, provides the very recusal letter as a County Board member on stationary from his Cement company!  Ignorance, Stupidity, or just clueless?  And as if that is not over the top, he signs a recusal letter as President of Zimmerly Ready Mix.

Who on earth provides a recusal letter that was to be filled out in his capacity as the County Board Chairman and this bright star signs it as the President of Zimmerly?

And he wants to question RSB Aviation’s business skills?

  • Mr. Patrick attended the County Roads and Bridge Committee meeting after submitting his recusal letter!
  • IDOT communication made it clear he was not permitted to participate in any discussions of any Federal and/or State funded County or Township highway improvement in which he would have direct or indirect financial or other personal interests in the improvement
  • IDOT stated his attendance at these meetings is in violation of his recusal declaration.

Laws have no meaning for Mr. Patrick, it is clear by his actions.  Even after he claims that he will conform to the law he violates it!

Character Matters and with these actions it’s clear, he has no clue what that means. 

I provided this document this morning that came from a top law firm and true experts on criminal application of the law as it pertains to Conflicts of Interests.   I provided a copy to each board member as well as to the IDOT Chief that was present at the meeting.

Anyone with a 5th grade reading comprehension can comprehend it!

“Although abstaining from voting will be sufficient to avoid a common law conflict of interest, it is not enough to avoid a statutory conflict of interest.

How many more times do the FACTS have to be presented before the State’s Attorney steps up and takes action?  It’s no longer my interpretation of the law or just my wild opinion.  IDOT is in full agreement of my assessment as I have presented it in the past as well as how it’s presented in the document from the law firm as they are basically one in the same!  I have even included Illinois Supreme Court cases regarding this issue, and still no action to stop what is now factual violations of the law.

Link to Law Firm Opinion on Conflicts of Interest

From a top investigator for the state on the lawyer’s written opinion on Conflicts:

“This is a well written analysis of several laws that spells out in black in white how to apply the law. Someone needs to champion the cause to publicly state the laws and how they are applied.”

Where are the MEN in this county who will stand up to this criminal operation?

  • Chris Patrick provided private company invoices for materials to the County
  • Chris Patrick called for a vote of those very invoices when he called for a vote on the bills.
  • Chris Patrick accepted payment from the County for materials he supplied in his personal capacity.
  • Chris Patrick violated his own signed document of recusal not once but at least twice after signing it!

Chris Patrick has violated the Prohibited Acts statute as well as the criminal code covering Official Misconduct!  He should be charged with those crimes and removed from office.  His personal self interests are now, as clearly stated in the most recent letter from IDOT, placing not only numerous highway projects in jeopardy, but the very employment of at least 20 people.

With no funding available because of this ongoing refusal to follow or enforce the law, those people will have to be laid off as their entire employment is based on years of effort securing funding for County projects through State and Federal funding sources.  YEARS of work will be lost and the County will pay the price by these infrastructure projects coming to a screeching halt!

A man of Character would put the county ahead of his own personal financial gain, especially as an elected official! 

Back to Character! 

Mr. Patrick attacked Rusty Bogue’s character over an expired airplane registration.  Rusty, shame on you for allowing that to happen!

Chris Patrick, shame on you for staying silent for 6 weeks so you could attempt to hammer Rusty in public.

To myself, shame on me for not following up on the Lawsuit filed against Chris Patrick by the Illinois Department of Transportation back in the 90’s.

A law suite that I think most will agree are common when operating a constuction business as things do happen, however reading the charges in that case and comparing it to accusations made about Rusty Bogue, I think everyone will agree its time to fill the court house!

What did IDOT have to say about Chris Patrick in their lawsuit, which related to a personal injury of a person in his employment?

  • FAILED to inspect the boards on which the person stepped upon;
  • FAILED to secure the boards on which the person stepped upon;
  • FAILED to supply a railing or cable or harness or any other safety device;
  • FAILED to worn the person of a dangerous condition that Defendant (Chris Patrick) knew about or should have known about in the exercise of reasonable care;
  • FAILED to comply with ALL APPLICABLE LAWS and REGULATIONS governing the safety of its employees at the construction site;
  • FAILED to provide a safe work place for the person.

I fully understand how things happen at a worksite but it’s clear, a man that allowed these types of things to happen, having 20 years of business experience, has absolutely no business questioning a young man’s character over an expired aircraft registration!  Nor is it appropriate to question a man’s business acumen who clearly acknowledges his expertise is in the sky, or working on planes, not the business side. That is why he hired people to handle those matters.  When something wasn’t done that needed done, he fixed it when he was made aware of it.

Character Matters!

Chris Patrick, you sir have no business holding any public office as you have violated the law and have no regard for the law as is evident in your current and past actions.  Actions always speak louder than words.  You have placed your own personal interests ahead of the county and we will not sit idly buy and allow it any longer!

As I stated in the meeting today, We The People will pursue EVERY possible legal venue available to include the filing of a formal criminal complaint against you.  We have asked for compliance.  The state has given you the chance to comply and you violate your own signed agreement.

Chris Patrick, you sir need to resign, as well as face criminal prosecution.  This is no longer a case of you didn’t know or thought it was OK.  You were advised and clearly that advice fell on deaf ears with your arrogance that you somehow read things different because of what you were taught in school.  You sit in defiance and disagree with the law however the people of this county are finsihed with such defiance and disregard for the law from our elected officials.

To the good people of Edgar County:

February 13th, 2013 – 9AM County Board Meeting.  EVERYONE in this county should fill this courthouse and demand our laws be enforced!

Not convinced this is a huge problem that needs resolved NOW?  There are IKE projects that may well be in jeopardy as well for the Village of Kansas, Brocton, and I believe Metcalf.   If you live in those communities consider this as a call to action!  Come to the meeting and demand accountability.  The Voice of the People is what fixes these things!

It has been made clear:

  • “If this conflict of interest issue is not resolved quickly, the county may need to bow out of the project”.
  • “The county must be the sponsoring agency utilizing county surface transportation funds.  As of RIGHT NOW, IDOT WILL NOT recognize our county board chairman’s signature due to a conflict of interest.  I suspect that DCEO is also eventually going to take issue.”

This means the years of prep work that has gone into these projects by the county, on behalf of these communities, will be wasted.  Mr. Patrick is not only jeopardizing the employment of county highway workers but the long awaited improvements to numerous communities.

Come one, come all!  It’s time to take back our county!



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  • Al Schneider
    Posted at 18:48h, 28 January

    I am going on 83 years of age——-I have met thousands of really fine good people and thousands of idiots on the other end??????? But this dude (Chris Patrick) is in a class all by himself——and Jimmy Wells follows him around like a little puppy. I cannot believe there are not more people in the county UP IN ARMS!!!!!!!!

  • Steve Johnson
    Posted at 13:45h, 29 January

    As a voter who has no connection to Edgar County, I do not live in Illinois, nor own property in Edgar County) unless you consider that 5 generations of family are buried in Edgar Cemetery, I have discovered this travesty in the past week. After reading all information I could find, and discussing with friends still living in Edgar County, I have come to the personal opinion the only way to resolve the situation is for Mr. Patrick to resign and therefore completely remove himself from the operation of government. Only way to save face, “President Nixon”.

    Will be following this saga with interest in the future.

  • Dennis Cary
    Posted at 10:57h, 08 February

    Dennis Cary liked this on Facebook.

  • Donna Bussart-Stiff
    Posted at 10:57h, 08 February

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