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July 20, 2024

CERWD: “We’re Lax On Inspections” –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On November 23, 2012


Spoken during the October 2012 Clark-Edgar Rural Water District meeting:

“If the Boyers (B and T Drainage) do it, we are a little more lax on inspections.” Click here to listen.

Wow, what a statement made by Bob Colvin, the representative of the Engineer firm hired by the District! – …and silence from the Trustees No wonder they are $24 million in debt, trying to sell more debt, and contemplating extending their line of credit because they can’t make the payment (but that’s for another article)!

This could lead the average person to believe a certain contractor was getting “special treatment” while others were getting punished by being so unlucky as to have been chosen by a CERWD customer to perform the work.

I wonder what the other drainage/plumbing contractors think of this statement…don’t worry, we’ll let them know.

According to Illinois Construction Law:

Design professionals acting in their professional capacity are held to a higher standard of care that is consistent with their higher degree of knowledge and skill. Therefore, a design professional whose performance does not meet the reasonable standard of care of similar professionals with similar skills will be found liable for negligence. This negligence standard applies to the professional’s drawings or plans, preparation, inspections, and supervision of relevant personnel.

Let’s hope this isn’t happening on other contracts, in other Cities , Water Districts, and especially on the new Paris High School project.



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