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July 13, 2024

Attorney General Investigating complaints against CERWD

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On September 13, 2012


ECWd – The Illinois Attorney General has determined that further inquiry is necessary in reply to my letter, in which I spelled out the potential violations of the Open Meetings Act by the Clark-Edgar Rural Water District Trustees during their August 20, 2012 monthly meeting. I am confident we will prevail as this is not the first complaint we have had to file within the past year. The file assigned to this inquiry is 2012 PAC 21048.

Amazing things happen when you actually read the statutes that pertain the government body you are respresenting. The CERWD claims to have an Open Meetings Act officer, why didn’t that officer inform them they were in violation of the Act. It’s not hard to understand if you take the time to read it – even a slow reader could finish in less than a half an hour.

This is just another example of why we need to vote YES in November on the referenda to have the CERWD Trustees elected, rather than appointed. 

Read the Attorney General’s letter below, or you can download it here.

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