Edgar County State's Attorney

3 Kansas Teens Back In Court Today


Three of the “Kansas 6” were back in court today at the Edgar County Courthouse.

Dillon Armes, Quinton Inman, and Cameron Minor all appeared, with council, before Judge Matt Sullivan today.

All the defendants:

– waived their right to a preliminary hearing.

– entered a plea of Not Guilty with the demand of a Jury Trial

– are scheduled to appear on August 20, 2012 at 2 P.M. for a Pretrial Hearing.


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  1. Maybe I should start up my own website…
    You want to report on the big “NEWS” in Kansas? At least do
    it right. Just because these boys don’t come from family money
    doesn’t mean they are the throw aways and you shouldn’t report
    on the others as well. I am starting to think you are trying to
    concentrate the entire blame for this incident on these three
    boys and forget that there were 3 others “majorly” involved.
    If I am wrong please just say so because it SURE SEEMS THAT WAY!!!

    • Confused: If you would like to attend the court hearings
      and send us a report, we would be more than happy to
      credit you with the information. There is not enough time
      on the day to cover and keep track of everything that
      needs reported, especially with only two volunteers. We
      rely on citizens such as yourself to send us tips and
      messages. We did not have the opportunity to attend
      the court hearings for the other three defendants, but
      did put an updated article, after your rantings pointed
      out we only reported on half of the defendants. Thanks
      for the information.

  2. Also, I bet this comment doesn’t make it throught moderation. You
    are only updating on the 3 teens involved who “don’t matter” or have
    families without money. What a giant coincidence! Judici.com shows
    court appearances for the other boys. Why no big headlines with
    pictures for their court appearances?

    • We heve never deleted a comment, except for spam.
      But we do reserve the right to moderate them for reasons
      of extreme vulgarities or continuous off-topic rants, etc.

  3. I am just curious. Why in the hell are you not covering the hearings
    and court appearances of the other 3 teens involved in this issue.
    If I am correct it was Kansas 6 – NOT 3. The other 3 boys have all
    had court appearances etc… Why no stories on those appearances?
    All of this leads to one issue. Are you as unbiased as you think
    you are? I think NOT!