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June 25, 2024

Mass Transit Update – this cost you $28,000- in 1 Year

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On June 28, 2012


I received an invoice earlier in the year addressed to me personally and mailed to my home address.  The invoice represented what claimed to be a PAST DUE amount of $250.75.

It was an invoice from what would soon become the Famous Edgar County Mass Transit District. 

In the past this bill was presented to the Township Board and a few years ago the Kansas Township informed the Transit District that if they could cite the statute that would permit Township funds to be used we would pay it, otherwise we saw no way to legally make that payment.  Turns out several townships are making that payment in violation of the law when they get their invoices.  They do what the county board has done for years, they just pay all the bills without actually questioning or reading what they are approving for payment.   Interesting that the minutes from the Transit District reflect those payments were donations from Townships.  How does an illegal invoice become a donation when its paid? 

Sadly, when I personally confronted the district on this the first time, I was told that if we don’t pay it then people in our township will not receive services.  In short, it came across as a threat.  We refused payment and interestingly we see the Transit vans in our township regularly.  That is when the red flag got raised for me personally. 

When I received this years invoice it came to me, in my name, with no reference to the township at all and was what they claimed to be 60 days late.  This invoice is illegal and was sent through the mail which may well constitute mail fraud.  I did not, in any way, request or receive any service that would generate an invoice to me personally. 

That shouldn’t bother anyone though as this is Edgar County and it’s just the way they do things, the hell with the law.

After only 1 year of financial review by the Watchdogs, let’s just say every Township should be mad as hell if they got the same threatening claim, that if you don’t support the transit your people won’t get the service, that I got. 

Why should they be mad as hell?

Anyone hungry?   

McDonald’s – Wendy’s – Burger King – Hardees – New China Buffet – Monicals Pizza – Richards Farm – Long John Silvers – Dairy Queen, Frostop, Subway…..

$5, 584.00  – January 2011 and January 2012! At 5 days a week that equates to over $20.00 a day on fast food on our dime

Anyone need Groceries and other misc. stuff from Wal-Mart?

$21,776.00 – January 2011 to January 2012! That amounts to over $400.00 A WEEK on our dime!

More Groceries?

$885.00 – Kroger between January 2011 and January 2012!

That’s an extra $73.00 a month on groceries that we can only assume they couldn’t get at Wal-Mart!

That amounts to over $28,000.00 in just one year of funds spent on things that have nothing to do with the operation of the Mass Transit District!

$28,000.00 in one year on items outside the scope of their operation and they have the nerve to send invoices to Townships and me as a citizen for support?

The Edgar County Watchdogs continues to dig into the records and will continue to bring you updates and we Promise, we are working on a major update right now that will blow you away! 

Thanks again to the great citizens of Edgar County that have help establish the Edgar County Watchdogs as the place to find honest reporting and real news of what is going on in your county with your tax dollars.  We The People will prevail over the corruption, nepotism, and cronyism that has infected this county!


God Bless America!



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  • RetiredCopterPilot
    Posted at 20:48h, 28 June Reply

    Do their records show the items entering the inventory and how they were subsequently disbursed???

  • Senior of Edgar County
    Posted at 22:51h, 29 June Reply

    If you haven’t talked to Kami Miller then you aren’t reporting the whole truth. You are judging based on inaccurate statments or innuendo or misunderstandings. For all the programs she has brought into the county she deserves to be interviewed, listened to, and given a chance to tell her side of the situation before she is judged. Please take the time to call Kami before you write your next report. Good reporting of any situation deserves information from both sides.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 21:16h, 30 June Reply

      This particular article does not mention any names,
      however; we have attempted to contact her. but the
      email listing for the Chrisman “Midstates SVCS”
      does not work. We dont have a phone number for her.

  • Brenda Buckley
    Posted at 08:56h, 02 July Reply

    U N B E L I E V E A B L E

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