District 95

Is District 95 searching for a new Superintendent yet?

PARIS, IL – I had almost forgot about this issue until it was recently brought to my attention again. At the August 15, 2011 District 95 School Board Meeting, Chuck Hand asked whether the part time contract with Connie Sutton would be limited to 1 year. Tom Davis, the board chairman, assured him and the rest of us that if the consolidation plans fell though, the District would be searching for a new full time Superintendent.

Consolidation plans have failed, from what we are told. Is the District currently searching for a full time superintendent? I don’t think they are, and time is running out as the current school year ends in less than a month. Unless that’s part of the plan to renew the part time contract by failing to search for a full time replacement?

I do know District 95 is not listed on the IASB website as searching for a superintendent.

Rest assured this issue will be brought up at the next school board meeting.

The video from the August 15, 2011 meeting is below, and the conversation referenced above starts at the 14:20 mark.



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