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July 24, 2024

Effective Midnight Tonight!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On March 21, 2012

Information from Springfield has reported to the Edgar County Watchdogs that Roger Eddy has submitted his resignation effective at midnight tonight. 

Mr. Eddy will be leaving his State Representative position to take on a new job with the Illinois Association of School Boards. 

Mr. Eddy’s open seat will be filled by a consensus of 8 different GOP County Chairman in the 109th district who from what we understand will take a vote of all the precinct committeeman in their respective counties to appoint a replacement.  

According to GOP leadership in Springfield there will be a push to unite the party and place Brad Halbrook, the GOP primary winner, on the ballot.  For counties that have never gone through this process it appears this may take a few weeks to work out as there are 8 counties represented. 

Edgar county represents 19% of the entire 109th district, which is the single largest county.  With 8 counties wanting to appoint to fill the lame duck seat it will be interesting to see how the party unites for its November race that will surely see a Democrat challenger. 

According to several GOP members in Springfield the logical choice, so not to  give the Democrats anything to use against them, is to appoint the primary winner of the March 20th race, which was Brad Halbrook. 

If division is created with 8 different counties all wanting to place their own hand-picked candidate for an 8-9 month job the Democrats will have a foot hold against the primary winner because not appointing the GOP primary winner sends the message that county leaders don’t support their own, who himself happens to be a 6 year GOP county Chairman in Shelby County, which is part of the 109th District.  That could be detrimental according to several county chairman we have spoken with. 

We have all seen both parties screw up an election so it will be interesting to see how this chain of events plays out. 

Congratulations to Brad Halbrook on his primary win.  Good Luck in November.


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  • Ron Rybolt
    Posted at 09:27h, 25 March Reply

    Eddy has hit the pension jackpot!

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