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April 23, 2024

Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On March 23, 2012

Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

 Why is it that people get so wrapped up into their own version of reality that they will attempt to alienate anyone who exposes truth? When this project first started, it was made completely clear to anyone who asked, that the ultimate goal was truth, transparency and accountability in our governing bodies – no matter which party.

 Apparently, some thought truth, transparency, and accountability was only meant for “those other guys” and not themselves or the people they trusted. It is understandable that exposure of someone many people placed their complete, unquestioning trust in would generate a few ill feelings from those that refuse to consider the fact that their judgment and blind trust were trashed by the very person they had grown to consider a friend. What some fail to realize is that politicians are known for manipulating situations and people.  Are we intellectually honest enough with ourselves to acknowledge it is or has happened once presented with the facts?  Should we ever put blind trust in our elected officials just because they are representing the same party we belong to? 

 The below five items are only the minor problems we have exposed in relation to certain candidates, their conduct at the state and local levels, and campaign contributions using public funds. Another item not even exposed yet, as we are still gathering information, is the misuse of TORT tax levy funds (a unique and illegal way some local agencies use to levy taxes beyond the statutory limits) and is rampant at every level including our local schools and county governments – and people wonder why our real estate taxes are steadily increasing.

 There are other things, while not illegal, should be considered immoral – like taking out multiple bonds and placing the repayment of those bonds onto the next generation by using the interest-only payment method for the first 18 years of the 20 years bonds (and then trying to deny it).

 The key points at issue in these recent instances are potential violations of the:

-Illinois Governmental Ethics Act – Statements of Economic Interest

-Illinois Election Code – use of public funds

– Article VIII of the Constitution of the State of Illinois– use of public funds

– Abuse of Legislative Scholarships

– Official Misconduct


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