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July 24, 2024

$80 for one meal? Thanks, Tom. Glad we could pay for that.

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On March 6, 2012

$80 for one meal? Thanks, Tom. Glad we could pay for that.

Below is just another example of people thinking the taxpayers owe them, and they are going to collect every damned penny. Thanks for sh**ting on every taxpayer in the district.

I know we just received a few million dollars from the state, but you don’t need to start chipping away at it by expecting to get reimbursed for lavish meals. You are the chairman of the school board and are supposed to be the one setting the example for others to follow. Is this what all of the employees of District 95 should expect, $80.00 meals?

As taxpayers we should expect you, of all people, to be mindful of the fact that during these worsening economic times and parents in District 95 that sometime don’t have $80 to spend on food for a whole week, you should not expect reimbursement for an $80.00 meal.

Oh, glad we could pay for the Tip also, I’m sure it warms the heart of all of us to know we could help.




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