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April 19, 2024

Speaking of barn fires…

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On February 7, 2012

As a “disclaimer”, I have absolutely no reason to believe this post has anything to do with my recent local barn fire video.

With that said, here is an urgent report from the State Fire Marshall’s Office (Edgar County is in MABAS26):

“I received a call from the State Fire Marshalls Office reference a rash of rural fires. These incidents have been in the MABAS 26 region. The incidents have been mostly rural buildings and homes that they are stealing tools and metals,  then setting the structures on fire before they leave. Please if you have an incident that maybe similar to this, please call the Arson Hot Line at 1-800-252-2947. They wish to be contacted and may want to come investigate, so with the information collected may lead to an arrest. If you have any questions please call the State or me and I can direct you in the right direction.”

Sounds like people are getting desperate for money and stealing metallic items to turn-in for scrap. I also understand that people are stealing tractor implements and parts for the same reasons.


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