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June 18, 2024

You just cant make this stuff up!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On October 10, 2011

Reading all the 911 board meeting minutes is revealing to say the least.  I think anyone willing to actually read and cross referance some things you will sit back in amazement to the events that have been going on with the peoples money.

Realize its not just how our money is being used but the slick method of staying under the radar pertaining to its use.

For example:   A 2010 county claim record from the 911 board dated 01-13-10   reflect a dinner payment on a credit card for an “annual dinner meeting”.

Isnt it interesting this so called meeting of the 911 board didnt generate any minutes? 

I wonder where in the ETS Statute it authorizes the use of the peoples money to buy themselves dinner, not just once but year in and year out for many years but for now we will focus on this event. 

I know, whats the big deal in them buying themselves dinner right?  Well lets look close to how this went down and I am using the records on file to explain this. 

October 19, 2009 minutes state that this event is an  “Annual Holiday Dinner”, AFTER the meeting and scheduled at the VFW for December 9th 2009. 

If the minutes are the “record”, as Merle Clark was so adamant about at the last  meeting, can anyone explain why the claim ticket perpared and submitted by the 911 coordinator to the county does not reflect the language in the minutes.  Instead the claim form submitted for payment calls it an “Annual Dinner Meeting”.   

Is it possible that calling it what it was, an Annual Holiday Dinner, might raise attention to what the peoples money is being spent on? 

Did I mention that the minutes didnt reflect a vote aproving the spending of the peoples money on an Annual Holiday Dinner?  Sure they aproved the bill but that bill was for an annual dinner meeting, of which no minutes have ever been produced under numerous Freedom of Information requests. 

I just know this, You Cant Make This Stuff up!

Stay tuned as this is just one of a series of news stories we are breaking in this county.  Rest assured there are MANY more to come and each one gets even more interesting! 

From bogus budgets to no budgets, we are covering it! 





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