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May 20, 2024

Oct ’11 – School Board Meetings

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On October 13, 2011

During the month of October I attended several District 95 School Board meetings. So far, the district still has not received the money for the new high school from the State of Illinois. They were told it will arrive sometime this fall. As promised, the district has not spent any money on the new high school yet.

In other business, reports were given by the principals on how their schools did on the mandated tests. Apparently, Mayo Middle School and Paris Co-operative High School did not make the required scores.

It was interesting to hear the math and English department heads tell the PCHS board that it would be beneficial if they (the department heads) could meet with the math and English teachers at Mayo and Crestwood. I would think that this would have been one of the very first things a curriculum coordinator would have done years ago. We have paid someone $36,000 a year for several years to be curriculum coordinator. Since both Mayo and Crestwood send their students to the high school it would seem natural that all three schools should work closely together to produce the best product and perhaps pass some tests!

 After seeing how poorly some governing bodies provide information, I would again like to commend Connie Sutton, Evelyn Julian, and Anna Collier for their prompt and thorough handling of any requests for information. It is also great that they post a video of the District 95 School Board meetings on their web site.  Good work.



The District 95 BoE videos are posted here:

Again, thanks to District 95 for recording and posting videos of  BoE meetings.

Hopefully the PCHS and Dist 4 Boards of Education will follow suit…




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