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May 27, 2024

E911 Board – Legal or Not ?

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On September 21, 2011

Based on a FOIA request for all 911 Board Appointments and confirmation from the County Clerk that we do in fact have ALL of them we find the following resolution rather interesting. 

 According to this last resolution all the members’ terms ended in November of 2006.  Considering we still have a 911 Board its clear other appointments have been made but no one can generate the appointment resolutions? 

 Anyone ever see a board that makes up an even number? We have yet to find ANY other board of any kind that has a makeup of an even number.  What do they do when the vote on an issue is a tie?  Oh well, well cover that issue later. 

 What we find most interesting is when Mr. Allen raised the question to the County Board to confirm he was provided ALL the records pertaining to 911 he was assured, “you have them all”.  Then when Mr. Allen questioned why there have not been any appointments since 2003, which is this resolution.  He was quickly told that you must not have all the resolutions because we have made other appointments. 

 Yes, they have made other appointments but no one in our county government seems to know where such a record supporting this action can be found?  How does one loose a resolution of 911 Board Appointments?   Were they part of the mysteriously missing 2006 County Board computer file…………and the backup file? 

 Updates as we get them!



++++++++++++++ UPDATE++++++++++++++++++


Isn’t it amazing the power of the press!  After raising the question of 911 Board appointments and being assured all resolutions have been provided we have now been provided with a set of minutes from a County Board meeting where appointments have been made in 2009. 

 This information is GREATLY appreciated as it shows us yet again the lack of accountability with some of our elected officials.  Specifically, can anyone explain why what we posted reflects expiration of terms in 2006 and it’s not until November of 2009 that ANY new appointments are made?  That spans a three year period were board members, by county board resolution, were expired!

 Even more interesting is the fact that we have a new Sheriff yet no reference to his appointment to the board and the removal of the old sheriff, which is listed on the document provided today. 

 I appreciate the fact they have now provided another reference to appointments made however one must ask, why was this not provided during FOIA requests?  Why was Mr. Allen assured he was provided all the records pertaining to appointments when the facts are this set of minutes was not provided?   

 Glad to see it now but again, can anyone explain why there was a 3 year gap in appointments?  Fiduciary responsibility is all we are asking for and we don’t think allowing board members terms to expire and then do nothing for three years is very responsible.  Nor do we feel appointing an 8 member board is appropriate as even the basic rules of order indicate boards should be made up of an odd number. 

 Thank you to Augie Griffin for providing this document to update our information however even this document does not reflect the current makeup of the 911 board!



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  • Bermuda Bob
    Posted at 13:29h, 23 September Reply

    Regardless of why the watchdog group was formed one of the outcomes is probably going to be a future lack of decent VOLUNTEERS to serve on the various boards in this communicty.

    I can understand wanting transparency and accountability, but remember – we are not Chicago or New York.

    There are good quality people in this community that will be turned off of running for school board or county board for fear of unwittingly being dragged through the mud on this site.

  • Kirk Allen
    Posted at 15:10h, 23 September Reply

    You are correct in the fact that there are good quality people in this community but I disagree that they will be turned off of running for office out of fear of beign dragged through the mud as you put it.

    We are not dragging anyone through the mud. We are simply exposing the truth of what is going on in our community. Wrong is wrong and if your efforts are to do right by the law there is nothing to fear.

    Good people have nothing to hide and welcome scrutiny.

    Why is it that we still have people that think holding our elected officials accountable is “dragging them through the mud”? Makes no sense!

  • costume mariage
    Posted at 07:31h, 09 October Reply

    Thanks a lot for this post 😉

  • Lucy
    Posted at 10:01h, 17 September Reply

    I disagree as well. If you are an honest person sitting
    on a board or serving as an elected official, you have
    nothing to worry about. I think these articles should
    inspire the honest and good people of our communities to
    replace these fools who are serving us now. The people
    whom are being written about have clearly crossed the
    line. If I knew what they looked like, I too would confront
    them. Keep up the good work.

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