Animal Control

Animal Control Meeting 9-12-2011

Video from the Edgar County Animal Shelter meeting.


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  1. So the Elstons are the self appointed guardians of all Edgar county domestic animals? Mr. Big Ideas wants the states attorney to go after people for animal violations? The SA can’t even send repeat meth offenders to prison so what makes y’all so sure that an animal code violation is going to stick. I say screw his big ideas. The focus should be on why his spouse is trying to deflect attention from the FACT that she and her cronies were passing themselves off as Edgar county animal control officials and were engaging in “rescues” which were tantamount to outright theft. Now she is all pissy because she got called to the carpet and Mr. State Farm is gonna ride in and tell everyone how it is going to be. Sad thing is that these guys on this board will probably roll with it and buy into this bullsh1t. What a joke.