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Carlinville’s Alderman Cindy Campbell doesn’t want open meetings –


In her effort to keep Carlinville residents in the dark when it comes to the alleged water company being forced down their throats, Alderman Cindy Campbell wrote an email last October voicing her concern about open meetings and the water company.

Campbell: “I’d like to get an attorney so we can be assured that we don’t have to have open meetings.”

Why would she not like open meetings?

Because residents are asking questions and she doesn’t want to answer them.

Campbell: “That is my concern since Carlinville is under a microscope on this thing with certain people!

Nice job keeping people in the dark! Who do these sheeple think they are to ask questions and demand answers?

Read the email here.

Something else to chew on:

While these decision are being made by the board of this IARWC without any city council approval/disapproval, there is unequal representation on the board:

Carlinville: -population: 5665 people with 1 vote on the board

Dorchester: -population 142 people with 1 vote on the board

Ratio is about 1:40 – (a Carlinville resident’s portion of the vote is 1/40th of a Dorchester resident’s vote) how can anyone think this is OK and continue to allow it to happen?

The ratio goes down slightly when other public entities are added, but Carlinville resident still get shafted.

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  1. It seems to be common sense to tap an underground water source that is less exposed to pollution and is easier to treat than an open source. Your attacks against Cindy Campbell are out of context and simply mean spirited. Asking for witty comments suggests that you are in this for your own entertainment, rather than for the genuine good of Carlinville.

    • Interesting you make no mention of her wanting to circumvent transparency by not having open public meetings, the point of the article. This had nothing to do with the source of water. It was about her desire for avoiding OMA.

    • How is it out of context? How is it mean-spirited? Do you have proof of your comments comparing underground water to open source water treatments?

  2. Unbelievable! The silent Cindy Campbell has decided no open meetings for something as serious as the where the water will come from for the citizens of Carlinville! Has she not heard of the Open Meetings Act of Illinois? If she hasn’t why is she sitting in this council? Wake up Carlinville!!! You are about to snookered big time and become a ‘ghost town’ if these people get there way. The only ones who profit in this sham are your mayor and her investors in this scheme… and all at your expense.

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