Judge removes Madison Co. State’s Attorney from investigation of County Officers –


Last year, the Madison County State’s Attorney Thomas Gibbons and a special task force conducted a raid on certain Madison County Offices.

In a case brought by the subjects of a raid of their county offices, Douglas Hulme, Rob Dorman, Stephen Adler, and Kurt Prenzler sought to remove the Madison County State’s Attorney from these investigations citing actual conflicts of interest.

The Madison County Circuit Court:

  • DENIED the State’s Atty’s Motion To Strike Or Dismiss
  • REMOVED the Madison Co. State’s Atty’s Office from the investigation and appointed the Illinois Attorney General
  • DENIED Petitioner’s request for private counsel at county expense, appointed the State’s Atty to defend them
  • DENIED State’s Atty’s petition to stay all discovery

This Court acknowledged, once again, that a State’s Attorney represents the people of the State of Illinois and the county officers of his county.

Read the Order below or download at this link.


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