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Carlinville Park District Board President resigned –

CARLINVILLE, IL. (ECWd) – (Updated 8-31-2017 @ 2243 hrs)

Carlinville Park District Board

Towards the end of the August 30, 2017 meeting of the Carlinville Park District Board of Commissioners, Board President and Commissioner Larry Smith read a resignation letter and immediately resigned from office.

His letter stated that his resignation was not about Mr. Turley, but decided to resign after a phone conversation yesterday (Wednesday) and that it is time to let younger people get involved and time for them to start taking leadership roles in the park district.

Smith got up from the table and left the meeting immediately after reading his resignation letter.

Carlinville resident Matt Turley recorded the meeting.

This was an email he sent a few months ago calling for the park board to move their bank accounts because at least one employee of the bank was “bashing” the city council and park board. Keep in mind “someone” sent the Carlinville police over to the bank to strong-arm those employees into deleting critical comments from their personal FaceBook pages. It was past time for this “public servant” to leave office. the email even appears to show the intent for illegal executive session discussions. I didn’t realize the Larry Smith involved himself in these scummy, free-speech hating activities, but apparently he did.

Video of the entire meeting below, resignation starts at about the 51:18 mark:


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  1. I imagine they could be persuaded to stop this illegal behavior if somebody brought charges against them under Section 1983 Title 42.

  2. Has the Police Chief commented on someone from his police force discussing a private facebook account owned by a citizen of the town?

    • Not publicly. I’ve been told privately that this type of thing won’t be happening any more. A incident soon after I was told that makes me question the legitimacy of that statement, though.

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