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Princeton Park District could exceed $14,000 given to Commissioners –

February 21, 2017   ·   1 Comments



The Princeton Park District’s gifting of memberships and fee waivers to their Commissioners in violation of the Park District Code, which specifically states they shall act without compensation, is broken down into each area listed on the district’s Winter Calendar as posted on their website:

Each Commissioner may receive:

$297 per year for Bureau County Metro Center Access
$300 b-ball team
$200 soccer team
$100 volleyball team
$7 euchre nights
$125 indoor golf simulator
$100 one-on-one personal training for five sessions
$70 CPR and first aid training class
$75 swimming lessons
$30 ticket for Music Entertainment
$475 building rental for weddings
$125 birthday parties
$235 other parties
$255 after hours use of Hall, gym, pool
$420 overnight with hall, pool, gym
Total per person of up to $2,814.00 just for the winter season!

Cost to the taxpayer for the entire Board of Commissioners? Up to $14,070.00 just for the winter season.

We understand that each commissioner would most likely not participate in every event, but this is what is listed in the district’s policy for commissioners to receive.

Their policy needs changed to reflect commissioners receive absolutely nothing – just like the Park District Code provides.

Gene Englehart – President
Dick Volker – Vice President
Robert Halberg Jr. – Secretary
Dennis Nink – Commissioner
Andrew Marti – Commissioner



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  1. Madison Black says:

    These “good old” boys need to resign.
    I hope the local state’s attorney knows about these potential wrongful acts by these “public servants.”


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