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CCPD Ex Director Still Takes From the Public

February 17, 2017   ·   3 Comments



Sources at the Clark County Park District have informed us that Charity Murphy, who resigned last week, has refused to return park district property. She is in possession of documents, a laptop, cell phone, internet hotspot, and keys among other items the office needs to carry out the day to day operations of the park district as well as preparing for the opening of the park on April 1st. I have not been able to confirm what their next steps will be in order to force the return of the property.

Mrs. Murphy has professed her love of the park district, however she, by her refusal to return property, expresses a very different sentiment. Mrs. Murphy has a habit of blaming her shortcomings on everyone but herself. One would only need to read the email below to see her shift the blame game. How is she going to shift the blame on her failure to return park property? I guess time will tell.

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Tax Paying Citizen says:

    I wonder how “Joey’s” wife feels about Mrs. Murphy and ‘Joey’s” relationship! I guess the two of them won’t be able to spend time in Mrs. Murphy’s camper as much this summer as in summers past. Or maybe she will have more time to spend in her camper on park property with “Joey”?

  2. edward j franckowiak says:

    I was wondering if you FOIAd her resignation letter?

    • Lisa Thomas says:

      Yes. The document in this article was received via FOIA.


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