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Will Clark County Park District face the rule of law like Kankakee Valley Park District has?

January 31, 2017   ·   1 Comments


Kankakee Co.(ECWd) –

“Springfield, Ill. – A federal grand jury returned an indictment on Sept. 7, that charges Roy Collins, former executive director of the Kankakee Valley Park District, with defrauding the park district and a related not-for-profit organization for his personal benefit. Collins will be issued a summons to appear in federal court in Urbana for arraignment on a date to be determined by the U.S. Clerk of the Court. ” (See FBI Press Release)

The question we have is pretty simple.  When will the rule of law be applied to those at the Clark County Park District Board members who have personally gained from their actions?

Below is the indictment for the Kankakee Board member and one can only wonder why the Feds stepped in on that case but so far have been silent with what appears to be even more clear violations of law at the Clark County Park District.

One of the local articles on the matter summed up what we have been saying for years about CCPD.

“It’s a perfect example of poor leadership, a lack of skills and a lack of ethics,” Epstein said. “This is the kind of situation that gives everyone involved in government a bad name.”

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  1. Philo Beddoe says:

    Roy appears to be a rank amateur compared to CCPD.


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