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Lisle Village Clerk gets work release from 3rd DUI and serves as Electoral Board Member –

January 14, 2017   ·   9 Comments



Only in Illinois can you be a 3-time DUI offender – sentenced to 4 months in jail, and then get work release and be permitted to sit on the Lisle Electoral Board to determine if someone can keep their name on the ballot. The fact he is sitting on the Lisle Electoral Board can be found buried deep in this Daily Herald Article.


This is why people need to be able to sue the Courts for allowing this to happen. Misdemeanor on 3rd time DUI ? What will they tell the person he may kill while driving drunk the next time? Oh, sorry, he was such a good guy and needed to keep his job so we went light on him the last three times he was caught driving drunk?

Add to that, he kept his elected position of Village of Lisle Clerk, which left him able to sit on the Electoral Board to determine if other people were qualified to remain on the ballot.

Only in Illinois.


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Readers Comments (9)

  1. Dennis Finegan says:

    From reading the Illinois statutes, I gather that the Village Clerk can be removed for a felony conviction, not a misdemeanor (thank you Mr. Berlin). Also, according to the Municipal Minute website, censure is not set out in the Municipal Code or State Statutes for members of municipality boards.

    Fortunately, he has not filed for the April, 2017, election.

    The Village of Lisle Employee Handbook doesn’t apply here as far as I can make out.

    • Kirk Allen says:

      If they adopted Roberts Rules of Order the can censure under those guidelines.

      • Dennis Finegan says:

        Thanks, Kirk. As you can tell, I’m very green at this, but find it fascinating. Fortunately, being retired, my time is mostly my own & I am able to pick & choose what I want to do. I guess now I’ll bone up on Roberts Rules of Order.

  2. D. Ross says:

    It makes me wonder how often people drive drunk before getting caught. 10, 25…100 times?

    It also makes me wonder about public officials who get caught drunk driving, but manage to wiggle out of trouble because of who they are.

  3. Dennis Finegan says:

    I was unable to find the Employee Handbook on-line so I have submitted my first FOIA request.

  4. Ann says:

    Corruption, fraud, and stupidity at its finest. Throw the bum out.

  5. D. Ross says:

    Obviously ECWDs are unaware that the bar for serving on electoral boards in DuPage County is quite low.


    Pulse? Check

    Caucasian, preferably male? Check

    Crony rewarded for and/or owing political favors? Check

  6. Rory Steidl says:

    I’d be interested to know if he has any relationship or connection (business, personal, political or otherwise) with the state’s attorney or sentencing judge.

  7. Rory Steidl says:

    I fully concur with your comments. I have no sympathy for DUIs. They break up families…and they kill people.


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