City of Bloomington loses handwritten FOIA lawsuit; writes check –


A local watchdog by the name of Diane Benjamin, from, has won a pro se lawsuit she filed against the City of Bloomington for their unlawfully withholding public records and other violations of the Freedom of Information Act.

The Court ordered production of records and payment of the fess/costs incurred by Diane Benjamin.

The interesting part of this entire story, is that it all started out with a handwritten Complaint (below) filed at the McClean County Courthouse. She was the first person ever to file a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit in McClean County history. While she did eventually file a typed amended complaint, all the resources and funds the city threw at this lone citizen failed, and Diane came out the victor.

Diane is a shining example of how one person can make a difference, all that is needed is the will to stand up do what is right.

Diane was the key that lead to all the exposure of HFS and the Boston boat ride parties by state employees, not to mention the $180 Million dollar no bid contract with CNSI through Michigan.  While simply walking her precinct she ran into a person who had a story to tell.   A state worker who knew what was happening was wrong! She listened!  Now, from that one discussion, multiple federal investigations are well under way!

One person can make a difference! 

Read her article on this court victory over Mayor Tari Renner and the attorneys for the City of Bloomington here…

Ladies and Gentlemen, feast your eyes on the historical first FOIA lawsuit in McClean County history:

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