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Clinton Lake Marina – Wastewater Treatment Plant…

June 9, 2013   ·   5 Comments



While in Dewitt County last week waiting for the county board meeting (we arrived 3 hours early), we decided to cruise through the Marina that is leased Public Property from the County of Dewitt.

One of the first things we saw was the sewage treatment plant that appeared to have gone at least 20 years without any maintenance.

The pictures below show a deteriorating treatment plant, located within 100 feet or so of the lake. In case you don’t spot the problems, the sides are supposed to be completely covered (semi-smooth) with a plate – you won’t even see the tubing (some of the tubing is missing off of these). The purpose of the “covering”, or bio-discs, is to aid in the decomposition of the solids that travel through the plant.

I have submitted a FOIA request for the plant operating permit, the permit for the person responsible for the plant, safety/plant inspections, and discharge water quality test results – it will be interesting in what we find.

I suggest that the county board hire someone to take a good look at it and fix the decades of deterioration before it has to be replaced.

Here are the pics, taken June 6, 2013…Does anyone know who the boat belongs to?



Readers Comments (5)

  1. Jeff gibbs says:

    The tip of the proverbial iceberg in this county. If the public at large only knew the rest of the story.

  2. Dennis Rich says:

    Why wouldn’t you just ask The Dewitt County Health Dept.. Requesting A FOIA cost the taxpayers of county or do you care?

    • jmkraft says:

      We have learned in the past several years to FOIA, then ask questions based on what the actual documents tell us.


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