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Outlaw Radio – Mike Callahan interview with Burl Barer

Burl Barer, with Outlaw Radio in California, interviews Mike Callahan, Author of Too Politically Sensitive.

Mike gives one of his best interviews yet on the subject of 1st Ammendment rights and corruption in Illinois and Edgar County.

You can listen to the interview at the below link (it starts at around the 2 minute mark).


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  1. It was our honor to have Mike on our show. In a day when integrity and ethics are often bypassed for sake of inconvenience or career advancement, Mike Callahan is a man who takes his oaths seriously, and refused to join in a coverup of injustice. Almost as shocking is the 2006 ruling that an honest cop can by punished by his superiors if he tells the truth and speaks out. This is an important interview and a mind numbing brilliantly composed book that anyone who cares about justice and the future of America should read. Whatever happens, whatever the outcome of Mike’s efforts, he and his family and friends will always know beyond a doubt that Mike did the right thing, and never wavered in his efforts to be a champion of justice.

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