New High School Info

Just in case you can’t find any information on the construction of the new high school in Paris, we have provided a link to the “official” information coming from the school districts.

If you have any questions or comments on its construction please email them through their web page. You can also send us the questions if you like, and we will attempt get the answers from the districts.

Link is here, it will open a new page:


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  1. wasn’t it not to long ago that a1cent tax in the edgar county was approved to benefit the schools they want to run people out now they want a 22% increase on property tax.this is outragous,not everybody has or is making money here .i recieve 774 a month to live will i or other disabled live here not only that but some making good money don’t want to keep handing over to the edgar county was a bad descion to build a school at that time.i was called and said no.i knew where it would go money pit.that school is plauged with a lot of issues the old school still sturdy and strong.there is alot of money being paid to school officials and lots of jobs in the county.rob the poor.the school was a big waste of money and will contiue to be.

    • We’re not quite sure what his official role in this project is, we do know
      the City of Paris will be doing something with the water lines out that
      direction and we know something needs done to the road leading to the new
      school (City of Paris). As far as being involved in other aspects – we
      (ECWd) are not sure at this time.

      He is a surveyor and business owner (Design Engineering).

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