Kansas, Illinois

Kansas Village Board Member Resigns!

It has come to our attention that the clerk for the Kansas Village, Pam Shaffer, has costs the taxpayers of Kansas a small fortune. Although she did not resign over this failure, a lifelong Kansas resident and Village board member has.

The resignation letter outlines a loss of a minimum of $20,000.00 from the Clerks failure to send out bills for the ambulance, the actual dollar figure may be closer to $60-75,000.00 over a 5 year period.

She still has her job as she is an elected official and even though many consider this Official Misconduct, the Village board chose to basically do nothing to pursue the recovery of these funds or take any type of action against the Village Clerk, other than a letter in her file?

A FOIA request might prove this quite interesting. More disturbing in this situation is what appears to be a common theme in Edgar County.

Note that in Mr. Marrs resignation letter he states the following: “When I made suggestions of ways to improve the oversight of the revenue and expenditures of the village I was told we don’t want to micro-manage.”

So the Village Board of Kansas doesn’t want to micro manage? Sounds like words out of certain County Board members. Is this failure to establish proper oversight within our local governments an infection that has now taken hold in our country? Many would argue yes, and it’s found in both parties so those that want to turn this into a left vs right debate might as well forget it, because both sides are doing it.

We must fix it! If the Village of Kansas would have had proper oversight in their local revenue and expenditure this loss to the community would have never happen. In this case it wouldn’t have taken much more than reading the report from the CPA who did the audit. Apparently concerns of no revenue from the ambulance was reported yet in order to know that someone might have had to read the report.

If the County board would have had proper oversight over their department’s maybe we wouldn’t have the issues we now have with the 911 board and the Health Department.

How many other departments have financial issues? Once you start pealing the onion back it just stinks more and more! I do have to say it’s very refreshing to read Mr. Marrs resignation letter because it reflects exactly how a large percentage of the people feel.

It’s also a huge encouragement to know there are still people who care and try to do the right thing, even though it may not be popular. I encourage everyone to read Mr. Marrs letter and see for yourself how things are being handled within local government in our county.

Then ask yourself, is this stuff happening in my town? Maybe you should start attending the meetings and find out for yourself!







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