Press Release – David and Goliath, Round 2

Illinois (ECWd) –

Tom DeVore has issued a formal press release on the Governor’s attempt to remove the Darren Bailey lawsuit from the State Court.

“The Governor’s Notice of Removal, filed on the eve of hearing on a Motion for Summary Judgment, could perhaps be the most disreputable invocation of federal jurisdiction ever seen in modem times. Mr. Bailey’s complaint raises nothing but questions of Governor Pritzker’s authority under specific Illinois statutes. The Attorney General and the Governor have taken Mr. Bailey’s Complaint and contrived federal questions where no such questions remotely exist. We trust the federal court will remand this matter back to the Circuit Court of this State where it belongs. Given the prior actions of the Governor and the Attorney General in the State Court, including a request for supervisory review and a specious motion to transfer venue, it is abundantly clear the Governor is intent upon forum shopping. In short, the Notice of Removal is seemingly frivolous and sounds of bad faith.”

A copy of the press release can be downloaded at this link or viewed below



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  1. Just when you believe the Attorney General is working for the state, for the people of this state and for justice….. along comes irrefutable evidence to the contrary.
    Faith in Illinois government just can’t possibly get any lower. We need to separate The State of Illinois from the State of Chicago….

  2. Looks like Pritzker is trapped like a rat and trying to weasel his way out of it, but maybe I shouldn’t say that because I definitely don’t want to insult rats and weasels.

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