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Outgoing Park Board’s Attempts To Quiet Voter’s Choice Fails


During the Clark County Park District’s regular monthly meeting held April 20, 2017 at 6pm, Park Commissioner Randy Blankenship asked that the order of the agenda be changed to reflect the swearing in of newly elected commissioners as the first item of business. The agenda as written reflected the outgoing board vote on revisions to a lease agreement that had been the subject of fierce debate for years. Commissioner Blankenship recommended that the agenda item of swearing in of the new commissioners happen first, and of course that effort failed as the “old” board, who held majority at the time, wanted to approve the revisions so that they could cash the $50,000 check they had already received, essentially locking a family into a lease they were coerced into signing under threat of losing their existing dock.

The “old” board thought they had the deal sealed…but failed to consider the new board just might know what they were doing.

After the newly elected park commissioners were properly sworn in, and before the meeting was over, Commissioner Don Pine, who ran his campaign on the platform of not supporting the lease lots, made a rarely used motion called a Motion to Reconsider under Robert’s Rules of Order. A Motion to Reconsider can typically be made by one who originally voted with the majority which, surprisingly, Commissioner Pine had done. A Motion to Reconsider can be used when a decision is done hastily or under ill advisement. Seeing that the “old” board voted to accept revisions to a lease they did not have time to review, as they had not received copies of the revisions, Pine was of the belief that the motion was applicable.

The lease revisions were then voted down by the new board, and the issue will be brought forth again for full consideration at a Special Meeting to be held Tuesday April 25th, 2017 at 6pm. With Commissioners Pine, Blankenship, Wallace, and Sweet in opposition of leasing public real estate for private use, the next meeting we may very well discover that some board members actually care about the public that they serve.

From all indications, the subject of “leased lots” will soon be relegated to the dust bin of failed attempts to undermine the integrity of the Clark County Park District.

Audio from the April 20 meeting below at 36:24 thru 54:09 is the outgoing board’s discussion and vote on the lease revision (without even reviewing the lease revision they were voting on) – and at 1:46:30  is where Commissioner Pine starts the Motion to Reconsider to previous vote on the lease revisions and continues on till the end of the meeting.
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  1. Somebody in the mainstream media needs to congratulate the EDGAR COUNTY WATCHDOGS for all the time and effort AT THEIR OWN PERSONAL EXPENSE getting this CCPD mess straightened up. They spent THREE (3) years going to meetings time after time and other illegal meetings they stopped plus all the time writing articles keeping the public informed when NONE of local “mainstream” did nothing but support wrongdoing either by not saying anything or presented incidents wrongly. The assistance they gave local residents who worked hard over time to correct the problems and will continue to correct came from NOWHERE ELSE. I am one voter who lives in the CCP District who applauds their efforts!!!

  2. Sounds like the proposed subdivision is at last DEAD! The new board majority is taking control for at least the next 2 years. Hope the next order of business is to get a new attorney! Stone is out and his YES man got beat thank GOD!!

  3. Finally, the Park and what is truly best for the park and the community are becoming the number one issue rather than a continuing discussion on park land leases that benefit a few special builders and the few special people.

    Perhaps now all of the energy can be spent on finding ways to improve it and to make it better for all to enjoy…equally.

    Thanks to the Edgar County Watchdogs and so many others that have a deep interest in the Park: that are honest, hard working and that read and follow the law.

    • They were not board members until the meeting took place so they could have all met and discussed anything they wanted.

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