Former State Trooper Encourages Activism in Illinois

A couple articles from around the state that have references to Edgar County.

From DarienPatch (Please read the comments on the site below the story):

“While recounting the story he tells in his book, Too Politically Sensitive, Callahan called on the audience to take action against government corruption”.


Taken from the For The Good Of Illinois website:

Jan. 28, 2012

With 200 attendees of the DuPage Women Liberty luncheon held Jan. 27th at Carriage Greens Country Club in Darien, Michale Callahan, author of Too Politically Sensitive repeatedly brought them to their feet.

Callahan, a retired Illinois State Police (ISP) lieutenant, kept the packed room spellbound as explained the 1986 brutal murders of the Dyke and Karen Rhoads of Paris, Ill., the wrongful convictions of Randy Steidl and Herb Whitlock, and his years of attempting to reopen the investigation. “Five times I tried to reopen the murder case of this young, newlywed couple, and each time my superiors told me the case was ‘too politically sensitive’.”

To a packed room, Jen Babbington, Executive Director of Liberty Lunch at For The Good of Illinois kicked off the lunch with a welcome, “Today, you will leave energized.  One person can make a difference.  The good guys do win.”  Hank Kruse, Chairman of For The Good of Illinois wecomed the over 40 elected officials and candidates for office, including the Elizabeth Roskam, wife of Congressman Peter Roskam.

The ISP retaliated against the determined lieutenant by transferring him to a desk job. Callahan didn’t give up.  He filed a First Amendment federal civil lawsuit against three ISP officers in his chain of command, eventually winning $700,000 in damages. The case was appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court which decided that public employees should not have protection of speaking out against their employers — another chilling blow in this never-ending tragedy.

Undeterred, Callahan penned Too Politically Sensitive. The book accounts a horrific unsolved double homicide with tentacles to the Five Families of New York and Sicily, a compromised investigation — involving the local state’s attorney, a small town police officer and an ISP investigator — and layers of atrocity topped with two governors eventually convicted on federal corruption charges.

Adam Andrzejewski, founder of For the Good of Illinois, introduced Callahan saying, “I’ve made a decision to issue the clarion call to educate the people of Illinois on exactly what it will take to bring our state back. But, Michale Callahan tells it better than I do. Callahan is a modern-day hero.”

Callahan’s life-changing pursuit of justice with the Rhoads murders has consumed one-fifth of his life. He received the 2011 “Defender of the Innocent” award from the Illinois Innocence Project. He has been featured on CBS 48 Hours and On the Case with Paula Zahn, in addition to numerous public appearances.

For more information on Callahan’s story, visit:

Read more…



Demand Accountability


The following is an article on Blago, but one only needs to replace “Illinois”  with  “enter your local government name here” and you will swear he was reading our minds when writing this.

In either case, we can all demand accountability in our local government.


Quoted from the end of this article in the Chicago Tribune.

What we must remember is this.

Oaths were taken.

And still they sold public office. They did so without honor. The breaking of an oath is not about a contract between the corrupt official and his conscience. It is about a contract between that official and all of us.

To pretend otherwise, to blubber and wail and plead mercy for such jackals, is to spread their infection upon all the victims. We are the taxpayers. We are the victims. And they’re the criminals. Some of you might not think oaths are important. Others might avoid such threatening terms as action and consequence.

And some obviously just get weak-kneed at the moment the hammer is about to fall. If that’s the case, then, please do the rest of us a favor and avert your eyes. But don’t stop the rest of us from doing what’s necessary.

Illinois is swimming in corruption. We’re drowning in it. The political class laughs at us. Can’t you hear it as they continue making their fortunes and putting their families and friends at the public trough to feed? It is their laughter that echoes on the breeze, Illinois.

There must be consequences for what people do, and debts must be paid for sins.

You take that oath, as a governor, as a judge, it must mean something. It’s got to count, even in a crooked state like Illinois.  Copyright © 2011, Chicago Tribune

“Reverse Spin” – DuPage forest district paying consultants $66,000

From the

After the DuPage Forest Preserve District forced out two employees suspected of misusing taxpayer funds and resources, the district announced Wednesday it has hired two consulting firms at a cost of $66,000 to assist with the matter.

The announcement comes two days after the Daily Herald sent a Freedom of Information request to the district seeking details on the expenses.

On Nov. 15, the same day the district fired one of the suspected employees, the board also unanimously approved a contract with Reverse Spin, LLC, a Wheaton-based political consulting firm that’s worked on statewide campaigns and with DuPage agencies.

The contract will pay the firm $48,000 for one year to be on call 24/7 for crisis situations. Officials said Reverse Spin also will assist the district in traditional public relations, social media and transparency efforts.

In July, the forest preserve board approved an $18,000 contract with JRM Consulting Inc. of Naperville, an independent computer consulting firm. The group conducted an internal computer forensics review.

Multiple sources with knowledge of the review said it revealed two employees may have steered professional service contracts to companies they benefitted from personally. The two had worked for the forest preserve for five years and 10 years, respectively. The second employee resigned Nov. 7.

Sources said the contracts were worth about $12,000 a month and go back at least a year. Contracts worth less than $20,000 can be awarded without board consent, according to forest preserve policy.

Forest preserve officials said they released findings from JRM’s investigation to DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin’s office. On Wednesday, a spokesman for Berlin confirmed the office received materials from the forest preserve and they are under review. It could be months before any decision to press charges might be made, officials added.

Both JRM and Reverse Spin did not submit competitive bids, which is not required for personal service contracts.

Reverse Spin also has held contracts with the DuPage County Election Commission since at least 2007, according to public records on the DuPage County website.

So far this fiscal year, Reverse Spin has received $30,000 from the commission, records show, and received $21,000 for services in 2010. Co-owner Dan Curry also worked in statewide campaigns of former State’s Attorney Joe Birkett, was communications director for former U.S. Sen. Peter Fitzgerald, and press secretary for former Illinois Attorney General Jim Ryan.

Forest Preserve President D. “Dewey” Pierotti declined to comment on how the district chose Reverse Spin.

The forest preserve already employs six-person public relations team, with a combined salary of nearly $400,000 per year and approximately 90 years of combined experience. But officials said hiring outside consultants is not uncommon for the district, and public relations consultants have previously been hired.

“We can maximize staff levels without paying what you would for a full-time employee, along with benefits or a long-term commitment,” said forest preserve spokesman Bill Weidner. “This makes it an effective use of tax dollars.”

While Weidner confirmed Reverse Spin was hired because of the firm’s crisis communications expertise, he said its duties will be broad.

“The district is such an intensely busy environment,” said Weidner. “It’s a challenge for the staff we have trying to promote our five education facilities, 60 preserves and dozens of special events, and in the same sense trying to tell people about the natural restoration areas, access improvements and master plans … I could go on and on.

“(Reverse Spin) will be reviewing our efforts and making suggestions in social media areas,” he added.


Yet another article referencing Edgar County

From McHenry County – You can read it here:

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Draining the Teacher Pension Fund?

Thirty-four union elites are draining $338,000 a month from the Illinois teacher pension system see it here– including the $20,200 per month pension of the former President of the NEA (national teachers union, Washington DC). Unions are self described “private organizations,” not government.  The unions exert so much muscle in Springfield that they’ve literally written themselves into the government’s pension code.  

The rest of the story can be found here:


Disclosure Print Edition Oct-Nov Issue

Edgar County is on page 27.

Copies will be available at the Circle K (accross from Burger King) in Paris!

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Former township trustee arrested for stealing over $71,000

A story from nearby Brazil, Indiana.

Updated: Saturday, 24 Sep 2011, 9:26 PM EDT

Paul Hackett, 62



Published : Friday, 23 Sep 2011, 6:00 PM EDT

  • Tom Brodbeck

BRAZIL, Ind. (WTHI) – A former Clay County Township Trustee was arrested by the Indiana State Police on allegations of theft and forgery totaling over $71,000 on Friday.

Around 5 p.m., the Police arrested and charged Paul H. Hackett, 62, of Brazil, Ind. with nine felony counts which include one count of forgery, class C felony and eight counts of theft, class D felony, that add up to $71,023.21

Police believe the theft and forgery happened from June of 2007 through the year 2010, during Hackett’s four-year term.

The investigation began in May of 2010 when the Indiana State Board of Accounts contacted the Indiana State Police alleging numerous township checks had been issued and signed by Paul H. Hackett for personal gain, all during his time as the elected Van Buren Township Trustee.

Some of the personal gain items identified were home utility bills, vehicle repair bills, automobile payments, personal credit card bills, and other miscellaneous personal items.

The State Board of Accounts agency initiated the audit after receiving an inquiry from a utility company about a township check they allegedly received from Paul H. Hackett to pay on the personal account of Paul H. Hackett.


Robinson, IL 9-24-2011 Tea Party

Adam Andrzejewski – For The Good of Illinois – at the Robinson Tea Party 9-25-2011



The first part of the party!




Oliver North

Just can’t watch this enough times…


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