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Founded 2011   We are a group of concerned citizens. Our purpose is to foster accountability, truth, and transparency in our local governing bodies.
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John Kraft
Member:  Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE), Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)(Graduate Student Membership), and the Chicago Headline Club

Kirk Allen
Member:  Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE), Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), and the Chicago Headline Club

Lisa Thomas


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  1. Why does the government make such a big deal about a shooting??? People get shot everyday but since the injured were members of the government we will be hearing about this for 6 months. These people are human beings just like everyone else. They are not SPECIAL!!!! We are all equal but noone makes a big deal when a child or a common citizan gets shot its a 20 sec segment. Thats why I have never voted. I do not want to be a part of this political mess in the USA. I am Korean and was adopted from Seoul in 1959. Should have stayed in my own country. Dont care if noone likes it!!! My own personal opinion!!

  2. Still waiting for you guys to mention something about the mismanagement
    of the new high school construction…When you run the numbers it
    dwarfs any other story currently running on your site…Starting to
    get a little suspicious that you guys are ignoriong this…Millions
    of tax payer monies are being squandered in the pissing contest
    between unit 4 and dist. 95 and you guys have a cover story about
    keith trogden resigning from the transit board??? Priorities my
    friends…lets not lose track of them.

  3. This is good stuff. Thanks for taking the time to keep us all informed and shining a light on all of these turd’s sleazy ways

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