City of Carlinville

Carlinville’s 4th FOIA Suit – Copy of Complaint –


File-stamped copy of the 4th FOIA lawsuit filed against Carlinville is below for your reading pleasure.

The Complaint alleges the City of Carlinville failed to respond to a FOIA request.

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  1. At least they didn’t do like our Park District did in my county – call up tell me they were really busy, it would be a lot of work, why do you want this information. you shouldn’t really need this and more intimidation. Though when I said if you’re refusing just let me know & put it in writing – no that wasn’t what he was doing. But more of it’s a lot of work, He had a big poject – didn’t have time to this.
    Finally when I e-mailed that if you are refusing please do so in writing. I was able to get the information.

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