Whiteside County Airport Board: “Rules are a bunch of crap”


We attended the Whiteside County Airport Board meeting last night, April 13, 2017, and a citizen beat me to the questions.

A citizen asked about the board’s decision to declare something that was obviously not an emergency, as an emergency so they could pay a local contract to do a job on something they know would otherwise require bidding, that they also knew was broke for several weeks, and failed to put it on the agenda.

An airport board member, Stan Domack, replied stating that “Rules and┬áregulations are a bunch of crap.”

It’s no wonder, with that attitude, that most of the items voted on were not on the meeting agenda for action.

Time for the Whiteside County Board to retire Stan Domack if that’s what he thinks of rules and regulations – while he is on the airport board of all places – where not following rules and regulations could cost lives.

For those that might say we chopped up and edited this video, you would be wrong, and the complete video will be provided in a future article.

Until then…enjoy:


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