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Clark County Park District Violated FOIA and Failed to Answer the Attorney General –

August 25, 2016   ·   1 Comments



Once again, the Illinois Attorney General has issued an opinion, and they have stated that the Clark County Park District has violated the Freedom of Information Act for refusing to answer a request for public records in the time required by law.

In Opinion 2016 PAC 40552, the AG states that Ms. Thomas submitted a request for public records on March 2, 2016 to the Park District.

The Attorney General sent two separate messages to the park district, one on March 11, and another on July 7, 2016. The district failed to respond to the AG on either of those requests.

The AG determined a violation of law id occur by the park district failing to answer a request for public records and requested the district take immediate and appropriate action to respond to that FOIA request.

This district has been sued multiple times for failing to provide public records, and has had multiple Attorney General inquiries into their noncompliance. This is simply another example of the Executive Director’s attitude towards laws she feels are a nuisance to comply with.

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  1. Warren J. Le Fever says:

    Until the Office of the Attorney General decides to take greater action rather merely issuing an “Opinion”, the Park district will continue to ignore FOIA.


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