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Clark County Park District Director failed to deposit over $97,404.00 –

August 1, 2016   ·   4 Comments



According to financial records received under the Freedom of Information Act, Charity Murphy, the Clark County Park District Director, had failed to deposit 273 checks totaling $55,346.28 between March 21, 2016 and June 30, 2016 (see the spreadsheet of data from records obtained).

According to FOIA records received:

  • Failure to deposit 273 checks totaling $55,346.28 between March 21, 2016 and June 30, 2016.
  • When comparing Campground Master cash payments with bank statement deposits, the CASH payment transactions show there was at least $42,058.22 not deposited as of the end of June 2016.  This totals at least $97,404.00 on hand that had not been deposited as of the end of June 2016.
  • Recreation Account had not been reconciled in FOUR months.
  • Debit Card and ACH transactions were not in the system for the unreconciled months, resulting in false monthly financial reports to the Commissioners.

If they cannot deposit the checks, how can the public be assured the actual cash is making its way into the bank accounts.

The district is required to make deposits on a timely basis.

According to the Public Funds Deposit Act and the Park District Policy Manual, deposits must be made within 2 working days.

Section 3: Deposit and Disbursement of Funds

3.1 – Deposit of Funds

The Park District is a public agency as defined by the Public Funds Investment Act (30 ILCS 235/1). Public funds are defined as current operating funds, special funds, interest and sinking funds, and funds of any kind or character belonging to or in the custody of any public agency. The deposit of public funds is further directed by the Public Funds Deposit Act (30 ILCS 225/0.01) as being required to be made within two (2) working days. Deposits of cash and checks from any revenue course will be made in compliance with these provisions (if not sooner).”

This is inexcusable and subjects the district, its employees, commissioners, and its insurance companies to liabilities they need not be subjected to.
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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Tax Paying Citizen says:

    Agree-Vote Kuehnel out!

  2. BigDog says:

    How much interest money was lost in the failure to timely deposit the money? How bout we take it out of her paycheck.

  3. Danni Smith says:

    thank the good lord that public employees cannot be fired. That’s why ropes were invented.

  4. Dave L. says:

    Wonder what excuse she will come up with for this? Kuehnel needs to step up as treasurer and DEMAND this stop immediately, and get these deposits made REGULARLY. How hard is it to drive into town and go to the damned bank???? Spring election is coming, vote Kuehnel OUT.


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