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Clark-Edgar Rural Water District increases rates –

May 7, 2016   ·   2 Comments


Clark-Edgar Rural Water District – (ECWd) –

During their April 2016 meeting, the Clark-Edgar Rural Water District (CERWD) voted to increase the water rates it charge customers.

CERWD already had one of the highest rates charged for water in the entire State of Illinois – now the rates are even higher.

The rate increases are as follows:

  • First 2,000 gallons: increase of 2% to $42.10
  • Next 2,000 gallons: increase of 3% to $7.27
  • Next 8,000 gallons: increase of 3.75% to $6.80
  • 40k gallons: increase of 3.75% to $5.87 (per thousand gallons)
  • 50k gallons: increase of 3.75% to $5.48 (per thousand gallons)
  • 102k – 1 mil gallons: increase of 3.75% to $5.45 (per thousand gallons)
  • over 1 mil gallons: increase of 3.75% to $4.98 (per thousand gallons)

This creates an estimated revenue increase of around $63,000 for the water district.

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Jim says:

    I love my (FREE) great tasting well water

    • franklin says:

      I am glad you have a good well I for one dont have a good well and I am now on clark edgar water I used to have it hauled in by aquaman it cost me on average of $100.00 per month I assume you have a hand pump and dont maintain an elctric well pump that costs to operate

      I am glad to have clark edgar water even with the high cost but still cheaper than a well


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