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Strong Storms Bring Down Paris Community Christmas Tree –

Paris, IL. (ECWd) –

Strong storms moved thru the Paris, Illinois area last night leaving downed trees in its wake.

One casualty was the community Christmas tree erected on the Edgar County Courthouse lawn a couple weeks ago.The tree was a project of the Paris Area Chamber of Commerce and is the second year a tree has been placed there.

Another tree down was at the Kiwanis Park on the north end of town.

Pictures below.


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  1. Looks like a potential lawsuit for the City of Paris. Thank God it didn’t happen in the daytime, when the courthouse was open and fell on someone or their vehicle. The City of Paris should consider anchoring this tree a lil better next time they put it back up. Obviously this could of been prevented by properly anchoring it in the ground, maybe even utilizing support guidewires like with telephone poles should be considered now. High winds should of been expected eventually this season and this tree should of been secured properly in the first place, obviously. Who is responsible for this? Merry ChrisTmas!

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