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County Board Member Farnham says Nancy Zeman misquoted him in article –

December 9, 2015   ·   1 Comments


Edgar County, IL. (ECWd) –

After talking to Edgar County Board Member Karl Farnham this morning prior to the December County Board Meeting, he stated that Nancy Zeman misquoted him in PP article we wrote about last week entitled “Farnham Makes Things Up, Prairie Press Prints It“.

Farnham says that his quote was actually “The majority of the county board members and ETS board members feel the Sheriff was a resource to the board“, not as was quoted in their article as “the vast majority of county residents” thinking so…

The two quotes make a great deal of difference when you look at 14 or so board members instead of approximately 18,000 residents and claiming a vast majority of either of them.

On another note, if the county board feels the Sheriff should be on the ETS board, they need to have it addressed thru the legislature, the same way a county board member as ETS member was addressed and have it added to the applicable statute.



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  1. Perry White says:

    Would you expect any MORE from the “news pup” Nancy Zeman? I think not.


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