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College of DuPage – Chris Robling Resigns –

College of DuPage (ECWd) –

Chris Robling, hired to assist the Board in its transition with new leadership, has resigned in an email submitted late this afternoon.

Dear Joe,
I will assist Dr Haider personally from here on out. Please tell Linda to remove me from the list of temporary part time employees. I will come by tomorrow to collect my most recent pay checks and to donate same to the CODF, as I have from the start. If she could have them ready, I would appreciate it.
Chris Robling  

Robling’s hiring, even though he donated all of his salary back to the college, has been a contentious issue with three board members, but mostly an issue with McGuire and Birt, who continually expressed their displeasure with his hiring.

Contrary to McGuire’s claim, the policy she keeps quoting stating administration must have a one year contract never did apply to Robling since he was never an administrator.


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