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Charleston Gym Owner Charged With Unlawful Videotaping –

September 8, 2015   ·   1 Comments


Charleston, IL. (ECWd) –

Update: Click HERE for mugshot…
Zac Lawson, 33, owner and coach at Sun Elite Tumbling and Gymnastics in Charleston, has been charged with a single count of secreting a videotaping device in a room at his facility in an effort to film people (mostly minors) changing clothes.

He was charged on a single count of “unlawful videotaping” and turned himself in after learning of the warrant.

– Read more at Disclosure News Online (here).

This is an update to a post we made from March 2015 (here) where he was barred from certain USTTA/AAU Events.

Edited to add booking sheet:




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  1. thgal says:

    If someone would actually read the newspaper rather than this garbage, they would know that Zac’s charge wasn’t of a sexual nature or intended for that.


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