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College of DuPage – Pay-to-play redefined…Herricane style!

April 3, 2015   ·   2 Comments


DuPage Co. (ECWd) –

Carla Burkhart, owner of Herricane Graphics and COD Foundation Board member. The same Carla Burkhart facing prosecution in a state level administration court for signing her name on two contracts that reflect that her company was the architect even though she holds no such license.

Over $650,000.00 later you would think we have seen it all.  I was wrong!  Yep, no-bid contracts with the appearance of pay-to-play is child’s play for the cracker jack team at COD.

Burkhart and her graphics company just happen to not only have multiple contracts with COD, but they enjoy the favor of being a SUB CONTRACTOR for Wight & Company under their COD Contract.

Who is Wight Construction?

You guessed it!  Another COD Foundation Board member owned company!  Based on the lien waivers filed by Wight & Company, Burkhart has earned herself another $122,100.00 bringing her grand total to just shy of $750,000.00.

How special it is that she can not only get no-bid contracts, but also participate as a “sub-contractor” on the ones she does not get the contract on!

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. George Barraclough says:

    Is there any doubt that if a $2 million grant was awarded to study Robert Breuder’s time at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois that the findings would be no better for the students and taxpayers than we are now seeing come out of CO?

  2. Anniem says:

    WOW…you just can’t dig deep enough, there’s more and more and more…


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