Top (#3) IDNR Official Resigns after Sick Day Investigations –


An article published by the Better Government Association(BGA), stated that a top Illinois department of Natural Resources administrator was forced to resign following investigations by the BGA and several news organizations into the fact that he had participated in  several out of state professional bass fishing tournaments while on sick leave from the State.

Travis Lloyd claims he was simply following his doctor’s orders to “go fishing”.

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Here is my question:

If he did nothing wrong as he claims, why did he resign?



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  1. Every other state employee will now pay for this political hack’s decision and that of his crony bosses.
    It’s text book predictable for the upper level hacks to do this.
    Governors literally WRECK state agencies with their political hacks.
    People aught to be indicted for this kind of crap – but as the article says, it doesn’t fall under RUTAN. Also a bunch of crap.

  2. We found Nanette Crippes getting TWO county paychecks during the same time, one from her now husbands budget and one from 911. She should have been fired but instead they ignore the crime and say we are harassing and bullying her. Is it really any different than what the Better Government association did?

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