Rep. Adam Brown receives a C-minus …


The Illinois Opportunity Project has published its 2012 Illinois Legislative Scorecard and has rated Adam Brown no better than some Democrats, earning a C-minus when rating how he voted on certain key issues.

As a comparison, State Reps. Brad Halbrook, Kyle McCarter, and Dale Righter have all earned an A+ on the scorecard.

In particular, Adam Brown voted to :

-raise taxes by voting to pass Senate Bill 2194 House Amendments 2 and 3

expand Obamacare by voting to pass House Bill 5007 Senate Amendments 5 and 6: ObamaCare Expansion.

and he also voted:

-raise taxes by voting for a 5% “fee” on Satellite TV Companies

-opposed the double-dipper reform bill

-sided with the unions on “free” health care






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