Brocton Town Council Meeting 9-12-2012 .


This month’s Brocton Town Council meeting was fairly uneventful in light of the fact that a citizen has filed two lawsuits against the council members.

William “Bill” Webber has taken the extraordinary step of filing for a temporary restraining order against the council to keep them from disposing of any Brocton Police Department property until such a time as the issue of the Back-Door Referenda Ballot vote, that won at the last election, is decided.

I undersatnd there is a court date set for the temporary restraining order for Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. in the Edgar County Courthouse.

The other lawsuit seeks to compel the Council to perform their duty puruant to the ballot measure and take all neccessary actions to retain and properly fund the Brocton Police Department. This suit also seeks other damages of an unspecified amount.

Attorney for these cases is Daniel J. Arbogast, Kansas, Illinois. 


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