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“History Breaths…….It Belongs to You”

July 29, 2012   ·   0 Comments


Every day I wake up and pray that more people will see what John and I see in this great nation and its people. Sure we all have our problems and challenges to deal with but those are stepping-stones to the building of our character and a better community and a better country.

This weekend Glenn Beck held a Restoring Love Conference in the Dallas Cowboys stadium. Even Paul McCartney didnt fill this stadium like it filled this weekend and as I type there are twitters going out World Wide of the message delivered!

The message this weekend, Priceless! I pray you can hear the message as that is what is important.  I believe anyone who loves this country as we do will in fact be moved by the message delivered!

“I think there are two kinds of Americans, those who like to be pushed and those who push themselves. Those who see our problems and refuse to see our blessings, and those who see our problems as our blessings.” (Glenn Beck)



More on the event can be seen at www.theblaze.com



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